MemeStreme is a dynamic and progressive content agency powered by the crowd.

We manage client relationships and projects and draw on a global community of exceptional talent to create world-class, shareable content that captures the attention of sophisticated audiences.

Best of both worlds

MemeStreme’s model gives our clients the best of both worlds: the strategic understanding and responsibility of agencies, and the unlimited talent of crowds. We manage

Capabilities for the next generation of agencies

The long-established and tired model of mainstream agencies is ripe for disruption.

MemeStreme is the first of a new generation of agencies with the capabilities needed to tap the power of crowds for demanding clients, We offer:

  1. Excellence in client relationship management
  2. Excellence in project management
  3. Effective crowd processes and platforms for sophisticated content creation
  4. A community of exceptionally talented creatives, designers and developers
  5. Pay for outcomes

Advanced Human Technologies Group

MemeStreme is part of the Advanced Human Technologies Group. The chairman of MemeStreme, Ross Dawson, is an authority on crowdsourcing and high-value professional services, and the author of Getting Results From Crowds, Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships and Living Networks.

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